The lake is located at 10600 feet a.s.l, in the Andes at 200 km from the South of Mendoza ; it’s surrounded by numerous volcanic fragments which result from the volcano Maipú, very close. Its snowy peak reflects and shines in the very blue water as a diamond!

The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking, delighting for the eyes, ruffling for hair… rather unexpected after approximately 50 km of track! To protect the ecosystem, the lake is surrounded with a reserve, opened from January until March, because the road becomes then impracticable (rains, snows). We had the great chance to reach it the last day of opening, while the access was forbidden because of torrential rains which had damaged the trail. Starting in two 4x4, we had to let a car, as well as two of our friends, to pile up in only one. This nice opportunity was due to the fact that we were accompanied with an official guard of the reserve. We were all a little tightened in the car, but we fast forgot the lack of comfort so much the landscape was sublime. By arriving at the famous lagoon, alone in the middle of nowhere, our thoughts turned to our fellow countryman pilote of the Aérospatiale, Henri Guillaumet, who had to land urgently on June 13th, 1930 in the middle of this same nowhere and, besides, in austral winter. Moreover he will walk 6 days to reach an inhabited zone... He will write to his friend Saint Exupéry: " What I made, I swear you, never no beast would have made it. " So much bravery!

You can’t talk about The Diamante lagoon, as many things in Argentina, (even if you try) you have to live it!... A place of a rare beauty, an unforgettable memory… Must see.