Literally, milk jam. Milk and sugar! Concentrated calories, pure bliss!

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Empanadas are an Argentinean emblematic delicacy : small pastries stuffed with minced beef, raisins, olives and onions, seasoned with pepper, paprika and cumin. The stuffing varies according to the region. These little croissants are delicious …


1 kg minced beef meat

2 kg white onions

500 g margarine or butter

6 boiled eggs cut in small strips,

olives, raisins (facultative)

- Condiments: salt, pepper, oregano, hot pepper, cumin, chives.

- Paste: puff pastry or shortcrust pastry


- Clean onions, slice them thinly and steam for 15 mn. Drain

- In a pot, warm the butter, add onions and cook during 20 mn always by moving.

- Add meat, condiments, move and let cook approximately 15 mn. The stuffing gets ready generally the day before to make it even smoother.

- Cut puff pastry dough into 10 cm diameter rounds.

- Arrange a soup spoon of preparation of meat on a side of the circle, put a small strip of hard egg and blades of chives. Close the paste on the preparation and fold sides in small slippers.

- Put a little of egg yolk on your empanadas.

- Put in a dish in the oven at 180°C for about 15-20 mn until they turn golden. Serve very hot.